Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tummy Patch




Tummy Patch 10pcs RM30, sbh/srwk RM40

1. Melancarkan peredaran darah
2. Mengatur / melancarkan perjalanan kitaran haid
3. Membantu membakar kalori dan lemak
4. 100% bahan semulajadi@natural, selamat, tiada kesan sampingan
5. Nano-magnet mengawal selera mkn berlebihan
6. Memecahkan lemak yg degil
7. Sesuai utk wanita selepas bersalin
8. Membuang toksin / angin berlebihan dalam badan
9. Mengurangkan kesakitan semasa haid
10. Melancarkan sembelit

Ginseng, Elaterin, Honeysuckle, Aloe, Fiveleaf gynostemma herb, Semen cassiae,Torae, Folium nelumbinis, Barbary wolfberry fruit

1.The nano magnet in the center of the patch can produce magnetic waves (the wavelength is about 4-14 m),which can pass through the skin 8-12 cm in depth and do the meridian massage. This enjoys the same principle of Acupuncture Treatment. The magnetization of blood stream can effectively promote the depolymerization of blood cells and platelets through improving the order of extra-cellular ions and non-ionic substance. When acting on the skin, it will help release the nutrition and negative oxygen ion accumulated in the body.

2. The product effectively blocks the absorption of grease, sugar, and starch and helps balancing ones' excess appetite. It also helps eliminating fat and toxic in the body while tightening ones skin. With the effect of natural skin-penetrating accelerant, the natural herb can quickly pass through the skin into the human circulation system through navel area. Since the patch is extracted from natural herbs, it does not trigger diarrhea. Moreover, the slim-effecting rate of using patch is higher than taking pills because it bypasses the digestive system, the liver and the kidney. Its effective ingredients are also preserved likewise. Simply stick the slim patch onto the navel area and complete a treatment term and you will find how effective it is.

Step 1. Bersihkan kawasan perut
Step 2. BUka pelekat pada Magnet Slimming Patch Step
3. Tampal di perut Step
4. Pakai Magnet Slimming Patch selama 8 jam

Step 5. Buka dan buangkan pada keesokanya hari ny
Step 6. Teruskan pemakaian setiap hari sehingga mendapat tahap yang anda inginkan


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